Thursday, March 1, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Dev Edn Installation Issues

This is a strange problem. I have been trying to get the SQL Server 2005 Dev Edition installed on my laptop & there's a very strange error.

During installation, there's a choice for choosing an instance. An instance identifies the SQL Server's instance... ;-) Instances can be either Default or Named. If you have chosen default, then the SQL Server instance is identified by just the server name. Named instances are known by the network name of the computer plus the instance name. The client needs to specify both these values.

Now, the issue that I faced was when I tried to install using default instance, there were incomplete installations. I couldn't find SSMS or any development tools (these are just to start with). The only thing available was the configure manager. A developer would want to use the SSMS or BIDS more than the config mgr.

The solution is ( I looked up a
t a PDF document) to use named instance. The reason is still not known to me...will figure out & post it...meanwhile, if anyone else has experienced this kinda problem or knows why this occurs...enlighten.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma

It did not take more than a few hours to finish this book of around 200 pages.

A thought that I regularly got during the read was "Hey, I know this"..."Hey, this isn't new"...etc. I feel this book is just ok and one should read this probably while travelling for a few 100 km....basically time pass. You could also read this if you need some good sayings or quotations that you may have forgotten. There were hardly any new quotations in that book...all had been quoted earlier elsewhere.

I think Indians, specially those who have some kind of spiritual drive or exposure, will find this book repetitive. For first time exposure to spiritual way of thinking and beyond...this book is indeed a good introduction. If you are a person who thinks positively, then you obviously don't need affirmation from any avoid it.

But the techniques mentioned in the book are really effective but like I said's not new.

All in all, I feel it's an ok story with some good "compilation" of sayings from all people possible.

Book rating - 4 out of 10.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

Took a looooong time to finish reading the book. It seems never ending these 700 pages. I would not have taken so long if I were reading like before...but, nowadays the only time I get to read is during travel to office and needless to say this is a great way to keep myself occupied than look out and realise that my shuttle is amidst a traffic jam!

Well, this book has 4 parts which are also the characters in the book...

1. Peter Keating
2. Ellsworth Toohey
3. Gail Wynand
4. Howard Roark

Peter Keating shows generally how a soul-selling soul can be.

Ellsworth Toohey appears to be good in the beginning but you soon realise that he is a parasite who spreads the 'collectivism' bug and doesn't appreciate individualistic victories that would hamper his attempt to be the most powerful man on earth. He helps people sell their souls.

Gail Wynand has come from rags to riches and is proud of it and he splurges money and there is nothing he cannot have. He is not a soul-selling type but the power he commands has his head heavy all the times except when he is with someone he admires - Howard Roark.

Howard Roark is the protagonist and what he does is excellent since he gives his all to it. He doesn't sell his soul and neither does he provoke others too. He is very reserved and good in anything he does. He doesn't run away from problems and faces them like a real hero.

There's one more character...Dominic Francon. She loves Howard Roark, marries Peter Keating then later marries Gail Wynand...divorces him too and finally ends up with Roark forever. Ellsworth Toohey is her ex-colleague. I don't understand the love that is portrayed of Dominic Francon. Perhaps I need to read it many times to make sense of it.

I saw a pattern in these segregation of parts. Peter is not what one should be. Toohey is again someone who is not acceptable. Gail is someone who you can be..and Howard is the ideal person and is who you should be. Dominic...well I don't understand her at all.

But I think it's a huge book for the message that it conveys. Perhaps, I should read this book many more times to understand why there are so many people who consider this book with very high regard.

But I agree partially about this statement by Ayn Rand herself...and this perhaps is the full message (more or less) of "The Fountainhead"

"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." —Ayn Rand

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sense of belonging

These days Bangalore has been intolerable. For more reasons than one. I feel people have lost the sense of belonging or even worse they never had it in them.

I am obviously talking of the traffic! I mean how can a big town or small city like Bangalore take so much traffic? Ok, we can't reverse this process...but hey at least ppl who are driving/riding should know how to drive and to follow rules.

Every rule has an exception and everybody seems to go by the exception always and forget the rule! Autos are bloody terrible drivers. Dont even mention about the zig-zagging two-wheelers. Cabs, Buses...u name it all are terrible. Educated idiots are the people who drive cars most of the times. They will follow what others do rather
than doing what is right. No sense...only nonsense.

If it's a 2-way road without a divider...ppl assume that the other side of the road is also theirs...and jump to that lane adding to the already jamms situation. Irregular indication while turning or
changing lanes. Littering the road while driving...Pollution....oooph..­.where are we headed? Doom for sure.

Bangalore/India needs a catastrophe to eliminate all needs a benovelent dictator who will fill fear in ppl about not obeying rules.

Our law is very kind. It's only about paying fines. They should introduce a system, wherein, if anyone violates a law, they are required to work for the same for sometime free of cost. For example, if someone has created a jam...he/she should be made to stand and monitor the traffic till the jam is cleared. Ppl pay up money easily than lose time over such activities. Only when they know what the trouble is will they ever experience the "sense of belonging".

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Lost in Yonkers

Just got a chance to be a part of the cast of a play 'Lost in Yonkers'- Neil Simon, a play by the theatre group 'Top Cast' based in Bangalore. As a part of the Deccan Herald Theatre Festival this was one of the 6 plays staged. Lost in Yonkers happend to be the first one!!! The festival kicked off last Sunday, October 24th 2004, at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore.

I was a part of this group a few years back and then took a break due to multiple reasons. Now, I was lucky to get a chance again. The director Mr. N Ravi Kumar who founded Top Cast, was sure to have found the right script for the festival.

It's a family drama filled with satire comedy and full of pathos. The play revolves around a german family in Yonkers, USA during the WWII times. The protagonist in this play is an steel like old lady 'Grandma'..played by Dr.Poornima Vyasulu. 'Aunt Bella', her daughter who has marbles rolling up her head was played by Jyotsana Temkar. 'Eddie', her first son perhaps, father of 2 sons and widower now...was played by Srinath T V. 'Jay', Eddie's elder son was played by Kishore Acharya and 'Arty', the younger on of Eddie's sons was played by Yeshwant Madhusudan. 'Aunt Gert', Grandma's another daughter who has problems in speaking was played by Kshama Kumar. I played the part of 'Uncle Louie' who is a henchman, a small time gangster and mostly a conman and a thief.

The play was well recd. by the audience and the critics too. Though there were a few stumbling blocks in the form of forgetting lines by Aunt Bella and a few by Grandma and few technical movement mistakes, the crowd loved the play mostly for Grandma (sheer acting brilliance) and Arty (Neil Simon put in a lot of humour in this lad's character). The mistakes were either covered up well or were insignificant.

As a part of the advertisement for the festival, there was a snap that was required to be printed in the newspapers. The costumes were not ready yet, so I had to manage with something I had at home..and believe it or snap came in the newspapers. Believe me when I say this...I never looked more funny. As I kept thinking aloud...that snap probably should have come in the cartoon section..hahaha.

Btw, there's one more play coming up...'Listen, Janamejaya'. I am casted as 'Suthradhara' in this play by Sriranga. The group is called Version 1.0 and in my future blogs I shall talk of this play which is due to be staged in Jan 2005. Quite sometime for it.

Well, it was a great experience...altogether. It was nice to be back in theatre....the extreme authority and command that you have when you are on stage and more so when having a monologue just gives me a high. Of course, I also made mistakes...some that I realised and some that my friends pointed out later..

As always...there's a so much to learn in/from/about anything that you do.

Some reviews of the play in the newspapers...



Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Gmail...The Email

Of late, we have been reading views, reviews etc about Google. Among them, the latest has been about Gmail. It's simply one of the best things to have happened to email till now. I am sure more is still to come.

Some of the features have really made me come?

Some of the notable features many are listed below...

- Keyboard shortcuts
- Multiple select of check boxes using the shift + Click. Even Windows app can't do it, forget Web app
- Cascading mails that have replies and re-replies.
- Super fast
- Ads according to the mail content. It's still looks safe tho'
- Search Mails
- Address prompt like in Thunderbird / Outlook
- Ofcourse, the widely known 1000 MB space

Yahoo has given 100 MB space by default to all users in an effort towards customer retention. This is indeed interesting battle here. Ultimately, customers benefit from the whole thing.

Actually curious as to what will Hotmail do now. It's still at 1MB I guess. Hmmm...

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Kudremukha - Epitome of Bio-diversity finally did happen. All the planning that we guys did, did finally pay off when we started on May 20th 2004 night, to Kudremukha (horse face) for a trek. We planned for a trek so as to return on Monday early morning....i.e. back to work in whatever shape.. ;-) We did succeed...and this blog will just tell you the experience during the trek.

Before I start, I would like to introduce the team. We were totally seven of us. Abhi, the leader of our pack...Gomes...the josh(enthu) machine...Major...actually a captain in the Indian Army...Mani...colleague, photographer of this trek and blogger..he introduced me to blogging....... ....Bharath...another colleague, huge guy..Viju...another colleague...the only girl in the pack..courageous one eh..!..finally me...RDX

Our route to the place from where we start our trek..was something like this....Bangalore to Belthangadi and from Belthangadi by Jeep to Navvur...which the ground zero for our trekking.

Just before we started off on our trek...we had to guarantee that we are not troubled by jignes(leeches)...atleast as less as possible. So...on guidance from the localites...we used the Hoge Soppu (tobacco leaves) as anklets and nashe(snuff) with oil also from shin downwards and shoe not spared. We didn't have much snuff so we had to do with how much ever was available.

We embarked our journey with two commoners (as directed by the forest dept). They were like the torch bearers at both ends. They suggested we use the roads...but we were insisting on beaten path and cutting across the valley. The very reason we tend to run away from the city is to be with nature...and roads are just transportation requirements or landmarks and not the preferred trek route.

Our target was ToLali where Lobo mane (Lobo's house) exists. It was about 10.5 kms from ground zero towards the peak...and was really tiring...atleast for that part of the pack who have nothing called exercise in their daily schedule. Unfortunately, I belong to that part and I obviously intend to change that.

So we were puffing and panting and needless to say sweating like a pig. We used to pause at quite a few points to ease our breathing and then resume. The best part of trek was waiting to be experienced...the visual beauty...the the best I just can't find words and even if I would be scanty to express the nature. Perhaps all the great poets..and literary guys get their inspiration from such locations only. I forgot to mention the weather. It was wet, cloudy, sunny and rained whenever it felt like. Everything was highly welcome coz..pollution (air & noise) was miles away and we wanted to cherish every moment and every breath of clean and fresh air.

All along our route...we were struck by breath taking views...and suddenly something else caught our attention...well..we were hungry and Bharath couldn't take any longer I suppose. So we chose a place that was flatter than what we had seen earlier and upacked our lunches. The roof was the sky with cloud covers and then rain gods were involved in our lunch too...! After the sumptous mean we resumed our journey. We kept on encountering amazing scenaries en route. There was one mountain which we had in front of us. We actually didn't expect any mountain there to be so as to get lost in cloud cover. Well...when the clouds cleared occasionally, it was a breathtaking moment for all of us. We looked so very small...I was humbled actually. Such is nature I suppose...makes you know where you its view!!!

The team split into two midway with one leading the way coz. they were physically more fit and they also had to pitch a tent...just in case we couldn't house ourselves in Lobo mane. The unfit team followed them..of course led by on the commoners who were accompanying us. By the time we reached Lobo mane, we were dead exhausted. It was indeed a relief to see that place...!! We emptied a packet of Sunfill (what's that? ;-) Energy drink..just glucose with flavours). Some of us were too tired to assist that part of the team which was pitching the tent. After half the work was done w.r.t the old guy came and asked us to move into the Lobo mane by paying Rs.20/- per head per day. Dirt cheap..!!!

Lobo mane has these special features...

- No electricity
- No water inside...(we had water flowing nearby)
- Firewood for making campfire to last for 3-4 days..!!
- Obviously no furniture of any sort.

We settled easily into Lobo mane and got ready to get into warm and dry clothes. Later we cooked hot hot food and caught the very much needed sleep. The morning next day happend at around 7am for almost all of us. None of us wanted to get out of our blankets. Well, we had to go the peak and return to Lobo mane the same day. So, we forced ourselves into getting ready to move towards the peak. Had a small breakfast and set forth. We didn't carry all luggage...just a big bag that contained only necessary items and that was mainly food :-).

The journey was getting better with our progress. It was quite a tiring journey..but only for some distance. After a point, we were so used to the fatigue that we could drag ourselves forever it seemed. Well, the route was infested with Leeches in all closed and damp areas and we were basically running through in such areas. Btw, we still had the anklets around. We were lucky to spot a herd of sambar (stag family) grazing. I guess it noticed us however surreptious we tried to be....and was off on its feet. First time I got to see wildlife among my 3 Kudremukh treks till date. Excited I was but was too tired to enjoy that moment at that moment itself. Well...we carried on and reach a place were there were ruins of a church and close to it was a water point and we settled down there to prepare and have our lunch. It was a beautiful view from where we sat and lunched. Cold..very very cold water made our seating place a peninsula. We had a good meal and started towards the peak..Kudremukh. It was just a few minutes from there...route well inclined and covered with clouds.

I still remember the time we reached the was 1445hrs on 22nd of May 2004. It was a moment that gives so much satisfaction. Feels like, all your hardwork till now has paid off...and indeed it did. After digesting the awesome views from there, taking snaps etc.... all of a sudden 'common-pathy' struck us and we all decided at the same moment, we shall maintains silence and embrace the beauty of nature as peacefully as possible. Those few mintues were the best point of the trek. It was so sound of anything expecting wind blowing across with the cloud and the air was completely humid making it more like the perfect peace for penance...!!! What a moment...specially when you know that you are on the second highest peak in the state of Karnataka, India.

We reluctantly retreated our route and scanned another place near our lunch spot which was quite a scene...and Abhi was just dumbfounded...he was struck with awe with the place. I quite didn't understand what was so astounding there...but was another peaceful place.

We then trekked back to Lobo Mane. It was a easy one this time...more so coz we were rejuvenated after the peak experience. We again freshened up and got into dry clothes and got ready for snacks and dinner.

The next day was a lot simpler than the previous 2 days. It was pretty easy and we found civilization along the valleys. This path is considered to be the most tread path for commoners and trekkers. We didn't have much fun until we reached the water point called Somavathy Falls. We got under the short falls and got our back aches eliminated for quite sometime to come. We also found, a jaara bande (slide) on the rocks with water and moss. We just have to place our butt and give a small push and joiiiiiii to fall into the small pool of injuries at all....just fun. I hesitated initially but found it a lot of fun. Then there was another place where you can find two water holes next to each other separated by a ring like rock in such a way that a person can enter one hole use the ring and come out of the other. Awesome..!!!

Then, we had a heavy meal and started towards Samse(the other foothill). Reached Samse, almost drenched...and then caught a bus to reach Kottigere...then...a bus to Chikmagalur from Kottigere and another bus from Chikmagalur to Bangalore. We reached Bangalore at around 0500hrs and reached home in the next 1 hour and I was at my desk in office in the next 2.5 hours.

I forgot to mention one thing...Viju (the only girl[?] in the trek) celebrated her 22nd birthday on Friday, the first day of the trek. We had plans to celebrate it there but we somehow missed to get the cake as we had planned. But we made it up that week during photo sharing session. :-)

I shall post some snaps of this trek soon...

Looking forward to another amazing adventure experience...!!

(I took 3 breaks to blog this...have been quite busy... :-( )